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A Notification Timeline Widget using React?

Taken from to dmonstrate an example.


It's been a while I have done much with React. When I was trying it out with simple state management, in-built hooks, basic styling and managing events, I thought, why not to build something useful? That's when the idea of building a simple, light-weight notification-timeline came into my mind.

So what is notification-timeline?

  • As the name indicates, it notifies you sooner a notification arrives.
  • It helps you in reading through your notifications in timed sorted manner. That's where the timeline comes from.
  • You can mark the notifications as read.
  • You can identify what notification was received and when.
  • Few more customization capabilities that we will discuss bit later.

How does it look?

  • The basic look and feel contains a bell icon along with a number of unread notifications for you to look into.


  • You click on the bell icon to open up a pop-over to read the notifications and mark them as read, if required.



In this article, I am going to explain some source code at the high level. Please stick to it. I am sure, you will have some take-away from it.

In case, you want to get to the code or the demo early, here are the details:


You can access the demo from here:

Source Code

All the Source Code are here in the git repo. If you like the work, please show your support with a star for the repo.


Yayyy, it is available as npm

Did you know, this component is also available as a npm? Yeah! you can download and install it using,

npm i react-notification-timeline


yarn add react-notification-timeline

Once installed, it can be imported into your React project as,

import NotifyMe from 'react-notification-timeline';

Use the component as,

  heading='Notification Alerts'

For more details about the properties and customizations, please read it from here.

Please give it a try and let me know how it goes. Almost nothing is bug free! Feel free to be a contributor if you would like to find-try-fix bugs or add features to it. You are most welcome.